You’re Going to Africa Again?

This is the question I get each time I tell someone about my upcoming trip to Zambia. And, the answer is yes.

Our first trip to Africa was in 2009 and it was a “once in a lifetime” trip. The problem is that one of us came back completely obsessed with the three countries we visited: Zambia, South Africa and Mozambique. One of us came home with African footprints on her heart.









In 2012 I somehow managed to convince The Mr. to return to Africa, this time to Tanzania. And again, I came back completely obsessed.

This trip is a little different and somewhat spur of the moment. “Somewhat” because we typically plan our trips pretty far in advance. “Different” because The Mr. won’t be going this time.

On our first visit to Zambia, we were fortunate enough to meet the wonderful owners of the lodge we stayed at and have remained friends with them over the past several years. We have been lucky enough to see them on several occasions and on the occasion back in April, Jay told us of their plans to visit Zambia in August and he invited us along. How could you say no to that? Unfortunately, The Mr. is unable to go, but I (easily) convinced my Mom to go.

So, as I write this, we are about 60 hours from our departure. We will spend a night and an afternoon in London and then we will be on our way to Zambia. On our way to a tented lodge on the Zambezi that is completely connected by rope bridges, sundowners with Gin and Tonics and the most magnificent sunsets you have ever seen, the sound of grunting hippos, Victoria Falls, game drives morning and night and great friends. There is only one thing more exciting than all of these wonderful experiences and that is, I get to share the mysterious magic of Africa with my Mom.


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