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Luxury travel is all grown up. Gone are the days where “luxury” is limited to champagne greetings and chocolate truffle turn-down service. Today, luxury is experiential. It is the very essence of where you are; the spirit of place. This is a multifaceted luxury that not only includes where you lay your head at night and how you get there, it is the bespoke experiences you encounter once you are there. We, the travelers, have defined and then re-defined what luxury is. It doesn’t matter if it is a five star hotel in the city center or a tented camp in the African bush, luxury is how you experience your surroundings and the connection to a place that you leave with. Luxuriate in culture. Travel authentically. Today’s luxury is only limited by your imagination. This is your curated guide to modern luxury. This is your (luxury) travel tribe.

Lamai Serengeti: The Safari Story

I remember returning home from my second safari and immediately longing to be in the African bush again. That second safari was supposed to be it; it was supposed to fulfill whatever desires I had following the first safari. It didn’t. It left me feeling the exact same way I felt following the first. In fact, I missed it more. These feelings prompted me to research what it was about Africa and those “African footprints on the heart” that pulled me and so many others back. There are a lot of explanations, but what resonates with me the most is that it is the feeling of coming home….